Welcome to Visual Decay – Art & Design official website. Enjoy your visit and feel free to contact anytime. Enjoy your visit!

Visual Decay is a design studio founded in 2008 by art director Fernando R. García. The studio is mainly focused on the music and movie industry but it's available for any design related matters.

Besides art direction and musical activities, Fernando has also worked occasionally as a writer for the movie industry, recently he's developing different scripts for several projects expected to see the light in the near future.

Always in constant evolution and looking to expand creative horizons and explore different styles the studio is open to work with talented bands/artist/film makers from around the world.


29/06/2015 | The site is now updated featuring several new projects including covers and album design for Kauze, Vrademargk, Denial Machine and Unorthodox Methods.

17/01/2012 | First update of the year features the epic artwork for the second full length from Synarchy.

17/10/2011 | Website updated featuring Spanish Hard Rock band Nagasaki and American Groove Metal monsters P.D.P. Coming soon new works for the new Kauze album and the second full length from Synarchy.

26/01/2011 | Website updated featuring new projects for several bands including The Apocryphal Order, Rome In A Day and Impale The Sun.
Next to come spanish Hard Rock band Nagasaki and American metal monsters P.D.P.

24/01/2011 | After some minor issues with the migration of the website we are back online. Gallery updated featuring the Artwork from Maleït debut EP. More to come!

26/11/2010 | Gallery updated with the new Artwork Cover for the American metal band Denial Machine for their EP.

04/05/2010 | Welcome, www.visualdecay.com is finally online and fully working. I'm currently finishing the myspace profile and backdrop for Synarchy.
This projects will be uploaded on the next couple of weeks along with Nagasaki's debut EP.